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The Sacred Garden Healing & Wellness Centre

Welcome to The Sacred Garden, I am so glad that the universe has led you to this space. I have always loved to help others, it is from this passion that I have combined my gifts of healing along with my Intuitive Mediumship and generational Psychic abilities to be your guide to the other side. I have spent years creating a safe and encouraging space where you can tap into your inner most wisdom, seek answers for your own life path or receive signs and messages from your spirit guides, angels and crossed over loved ones.                                                                                             

This space is one of beautiful transformation, a space where you are encouraged to follow your inner peace and heal,  where you can release old patterns and stuck emotions that are no longer serving you with ease. Are you looking for support and teachings as you embark on your own path of opening up your own gifts? I am honoured to help to assist you on your journey. My sessions and courses will motivate, inspire, awaken and empower you! I can’t wait to see you step into who you are meant to be. 

Hi there,I'm

Hello friends and thank you for joining me here as you embark on this wonderful new journey of healing and growth!  

I am Terri Mytopher, the founder and owner of The Sacred Garden Healing & Wellness Centre. This Centre is my heart and soul, and I am so honoured to be able to share my passion with so many wonderful clients both local and globally! 

I am a Registered Healer with the International Natural Healers Association, as a natural born and generational psychic medium I serve my clients through mediumship, energy healing, spiritual teachings and mentorship, as well as spiritual coaching. I strongly believe that we are all capable of realizing our true souls potential and have created courses and mentorship programs to be able to pass on these spiritual teachings and practices. I love to watch as my students step into their power and create a life that brings such joy! Anything is possible for us in this life friends. 

Thank you for trusting me to guide you on this transformational journey.

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